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"Raising children means I need eyes in the back of my head. It's such a relief to know that Dreambaby products are helping to keep my little ones safe."

- Christine, 31


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Child Safety Solutions


How safe is your home?

Have I secured all my cupboards and drawers and moved all dangerous sharps, cleaning chemicals or medicines out of reach of children in a locked cabinet? Products
Do I have outlet covers blocking all power points? Products
Do I have door stops to prevent fingers being jammed? Products
Do I have corner cushions and edge bumpers positioned on all sharp and hard furniture corners and edges around the house to prevent injury? Products
Have I placed secure locks on to all my doors, drawers & cupboards? Products
Do I have safety products in place to protect my child near the fridge, freezer, micro-wave, oven, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher? Products
Do I have a night-light to provide a gentle light to bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms? Products
Have I ensured that all furniture and Flat Screen TV’s are secured to the wall to help prevent them from falling on children? Products
Are there gates on the stairs, steps, doorways and hallways to prevent children accessing areas that may become potentially hazardous? Products
Is there a barrier around my fireplace to prevent easy access by children? Products
Approximately 45% of all annual child hospitalisations come from falls, poisonings, and contact with hot substances*

*Source: ‘A 10-year review of the characteristics and health outcomes of injury-related hospitalisations of children in Australia’ R.Mitchell, K.Curtis, K.Foster

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